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Our Mission

Our mission is to work for the little guys! We want to help the smaller companies, who may not have the best resources available to help them, close the gap on the larger companies in their industries. We want to create a lasting partnership where everyone can prosper.

About Us

Business partners Zachary and Steven met while working in direct marketing for some of the biggest names in the telecommunications industry. During their time there, they decided to open SilverRoot Marketing to allow small business owners compete with the big guys in their respective markets. Based in Irving, Texas, Steven and Zachary’s objective is to help companies across the country grow utilizing digital marketing and web development. 


Are you looking to optimize brand awareness, increase revenue, or drive more clientele to your site? We’re here to help! With ROI as the focal point, we aim to assist you in maximizing your revenue using the full capacity of digital marketing and web development.